AstralPool Aster Side Mount Sand Filter
AstralPool Aster Side Mount Sand Filter

AstralPool Aster Side Mount Sand Filter

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AstralPool Aster Side Mount Sand Filter

Beige laminated polyester and fiber-glass boy with bolt-less lid and polypropylene base. Equipped with pressure gauge, water drainage plug, and multi-port valve.


  • Sand filters, laminated with polyester/fiberglass
  • Equipped with collectors of 1 inch diameter and diffuser of highly resistant PVC and PP plastic.
  • Fitted with pressure gauge, manual air and water purge valves.
  • Side-mount 6-way multi-port
  • Polypropylene base.


Easy handling: A patented system is used for opening and closing the cover, thereby eliminating the use of traditional screws. The system also exerts uniform pressure over the entire watertight joint and makes it easier to loosen the cover.
Capacity: 1 inch collectors increase the filtering surface and improves efficiency.

Functionality: Fitted with an AstralPool multi-port valve with 6+1 positions for filter, backwash, rinse, recirculate, waste and closed. A valve so reliable, it’s used with most AstralPool filters.

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