AstralPool Sonic 4 Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

Your Price: ฿32,000
Part Number: Sonic 4

AstralPool Sonic 4 Automatic Robot Pool Cleaner

The Sonic (4) range comprises electronic pool cleaners with a classic filter bag with the option to change it for a cartridge filter that is easier to clean. Electronic swimming pool cleaner with the classic filtration bag. Delivers high quality filtration and has a great waste storage capacity. Sonic covers the whole of a pool floor in a 2-h cycle.  It has 14 m of cable, PVA brushes and high quality DC brush-less motors (1 pump motor and 1 drive motor).

Gyro technology
This Sonic 4 with smart navigation system will ensure your pool is thoroughly cleaned every time. It avoids all types of obstacles and has a tangle-free power cable.

Conversion cartridge
Option of a filter cartridge so that there is no need to come into con- tact with the dirt.

PVA wheels
The best quality brushes for unbeatable grip on any surface.

Available from our swimming pool shop in Pattaya or delivery to your door anywhere in Thailand via EMS