CTX AlgaStop Ultra Power
CTX AlgaStop Ultra Power

CTX AlgaStop Ultra Power (New & Improved)

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CTX AlgaStop

An extra strong, fast-acting algaecide with micro-flocculant propierties that make it better able to eliminate algaes that live suspended in the water. It is non-foaming

Prevention is the best solution.

Ideal for: All pool types .

Added value: Concentrate product for maintenance thanks to its great power efficiency lets you keep the pool free of all kinds of algaes.

CONCENTRATE: 10 WEEK (0.5 L) / 20 WEEK (1 L)

Recommended use: Initial dose: Add 200 ml per 50 m3. Then add a 50 ml per 50 m3 weekly.

Available from our swimming pool shop in Pattaya or delivery to your door anywhere in Thailand via EMS

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