Copper Sulphate 1 KG

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Copper Sulphate granular

Algae can be controlled more easily and effectively if treatment with Copper Sulfate if treatment begins soon after plant growth has started. Copper sulphate can result in oxygen loss for decomposition of dead algae. This loss can cause fish suffocation.

Recommended use:

Initial dose for very green water: 200 - 250gr per 50m3 pool water
Preventative: 100 - 120gr per 50m3 pool water

Do not mix or use in a metal container

CuSO4is a very effective algaecide used in pools to kill and prevent all strains of algae especially black algae which is not controlled by normal levels of Chlorine

Copper usage can, however, cause stain formation. Over time, and if over-dosed, soluble copper salts can precipitate from pool water and deposit on pool walls, turning the grout or plaster blue

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