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Dolphin WAVE 75 Automatic Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner (Smart-phone control)
Dolphin WAVE 75 Automatic Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner

Dolphin WAVE 75 Automatic Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner (Smart-phone control)

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Part Number:Dolphin WAVE 75
  • Pool Size (meter):10-200
  • Wall Climb:YES
  • Cycle Time (hr):2/3/4
  • Cable Length (meter):30
  • Swivel:YES

Dolphin WAVE 75 Automatic Commercial Robot Pool Cleaner

The Dolphin Wave 75 is highly efficient and has fully automated cleaning for small institutional pools. It's accurate scanning allows systematic coverage of the pool floor, walls and waterline. The high-capacity filtration space capture dirt, dust and other type of debris, leaving a clean pool surface after each use. The Wave 75 ensures heavy-duty cleaning performance with robust reliability for long-term effective operation.

Get the best value for your pool cleaning budget while gaining uncompromising professional cleaning performance, with the Dolphin Wave 200 XL, from Maytronics. This revolutionary institutional pool cleaner delivers long-lasting reliability and the best wall-to-wall cleaning in its class. Easy-to-use and easy-to-clean, it efficiently and effectively cleans large institutional pools up to 33 meters in length, regardless of shape or type, and provides a single-robot solution for multiple pool facilities. With fast and efficient operation, you can keep your pools open for business while minimizing cleaning downtime

Wave 75 key features and advantages

Outstanding results:

• Scrub, brushes, vacuums and filters the entire pool – floor, walls and waterline
• Cable Swivel prevents cable tangling and ensures ongoing operation
• Thorough active brushing efficiently removes algae and bacteria
• Dual-filtration options - Ultra fine and Fine filters for all pool condition and seasons
20% extra filtration capacity, leaves the pool water clean and free of hair, dust, insects and other debris

Easy to use and maintain

• Fully automated – plug and play
• Caddy for handling and storage

Cost-effective, long-lasting value

• Built to last – brush-less suction motor, heavy duty design
• Minimize manual cleaning – just set and forget
• Efficient and precise cleaning


  • Ideal for pools -Up to 30' X 60'
  • Cycle time - 2, 3, 4 hours
  • Cable - 78 feet
  • Weight -20 lbs
  • Suction rate -75 gpm
  • Power Supply - Digital switch-mode 100-250V IP 54
  • Filtration -50 and 70 Micron filter bags for all types of dirt and debries
  • Motor Unit Voltage -Output less than 30 Vac
  • Caddy - For handling and storage
  • Warranty -36 months or 3000 hours on non-wearable parts

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