Hayward Hose 1.5" Pipe Connection
Hayward Hose 1.5" Pipe Connection

Hayward Vacuum Hose Pipe

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Hayward Vacuum Hose with 1.5 inch Pipe Connection

The Hayward Swimming Pool Vacuum Hose is compatible with pool vacuums that require a 1 1/2 inch (38 mm) hose. The Vacuum Hose is easy to install and has a rigid crush-free but flexible hose design. When it comes to swimming pool maintenance, a pool vacuum is a must. But you won't get very far without a Pool Vacuum Hose to accompany the swimming pool vacuum. Enjoy an easier pool maintenance habit. It is possible to perform pool maintenance duties yourself, and with ease!

Available from our swimming pool shop in Pattaya or delivery to your door anywhere in Thailand via EMS

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