Silencer Air blower Jacuzzi Bubbles Pump
Silencer Air blower Jacuzzi Bubbles Pump

Silencer Air blower 2HP

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Silencer Air blower 2HP

The New Silencer Air Blower for Swimming Pool Jacuzzi has taken a quantum leap in quiet performance. The unique motor mount is the secret to our success.  A thick rubber cup encases the fan while allowing the motor to vibrate freely on a flexible rubber base.  This combination eliminates noise so well that virtually no foam is required. Many competitive blowers uses filter foam to reduce noise, but foam may clog over time causing starvation and overheating.

  • 2 horsepower 240 Volt portable spa blower
  • Rubber motor mount to suppress noise while enabling the motor to vibrate without interference
  • Enduring spring check valve has been included in place of the unreliable flapper valves
  • The risk of clogging due to the ageing of foam has been eliminated
  • For use with 2 inch plumbing
Available from our swimming pool shop in Pattaya or delivery to your door anywhere in Thailand via EMS

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