Zelbrite (Zeolite) 15kg

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Zelbrite (Zeolite) 15 kg bag. Outstanding filtration to Diatomaceous Earth (DE) standards or better. With the convenience of sand and extremely low maintenance, it outlasts sand and crushed glass by many years and can be regenerated.
Zelbrite active filter media is made from the unique natural mineral called Zeolite. This environmentally friendly mineral has a 3-dimensional structure of microscopic apertures and channel ways like a hard, but porous sponge. Zelbrite’s porous structure provides a huge surface area which traps the smallest particles, down to 3 microns, and removes them from your pool.
No special equipment needed, simply replace the sand in your filter with Zelbrite
Available from our swimming pool shop in Pattaya or delivery to your door anywhere in Thailand via EMS

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