Zodiac MagnaPool Hydroxinator Mineral Pool
Zodiac MagnaPool Hydroxinator Mineral Pool with cell

Zodiac MagnaPool Hydroxinator Mineral Pool

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Zodiac Magnapool iQ Hydroxinator 

Zodiac Magnapool iQ is a system that can produce chlorine by percent as well as Ei2 or Ei2 Expert.  However, the Magnapool iQ unit can be expanded using the "pH Link" or "Dual Link" module.

  • pH Link allows pH control and dosing
  • Dual Link will allow both the regulation and dosing of pH and regulation of chlorine

The Zodiac®Magnapool iQ can be controlled remotely via WIFI and iAqualink app.It is possible to check the current status of the water parameters, change the required parameters and control the associated devices (lights, filtration, counter current, ...)

  • 100 m3-> minimum filtering time 8 h / d

Zodiac Magnapool iQ22 has an IP43 protection index and a maximum chlorine production using minerals of 22g/h for private pools up to 100m3

Backlit 4-line LCD display
User interface in CZ, EN, DE, ...
"BOOST" function (100% - 24h power) and "LOW" function (power 10% - 24h)
Flow valve
Timers Setting chlorine production time (2 timers can be set)
Setting single speed filter pump time (2 timers can be set)
Setting variable speed filter pump time (4 timers can be set)
1 timer for each associated devices
Polarity reversal every 5 hours (can be set to 2 h - 8 h)
Cell life: 10,000 hours
Temperature sensor to protect the electrode
Distance between the cell and the control unit = 1.5 m
The unit should be permanently connected to the mains (for timer functionality)

MagnaPool Mineral Hydroxinator accessories included in the pack:

  • Magnapool iQ unit
  • Wall mounting kit
  • Cell
  • Flow switch kit
  • Temperature sensor kit
  • Reducing bushes kit
Available from our swimming pool shop in Pattaya or delivery to your door anywhere in Thailand via EMS

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